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It’s funny how a handful of songs transports me to shaky moments in my life. I noticed that in yesterday’s post. Today sadly, there’s really no rhyme, reason, or connection no matter how much red wine I drink, or how many times I listen to today’s play list. I’ve been sick with a pretty gnarly head cold for the past week. I think I have logged an average of 11 hours of sleep per night, and nearly an entire bottle of NyQuil consumed. My mind seems to be in a perpetual fog.

Where the Atlantic meets the Kennebunk River, Maine

I’ve driven to work the past few days still in a morning haze despite the disappearance of rain and the welcome sight of bright sun and puffy white clouds. I am perhaps disappointed to note that my usual morning radio, the trusty KFOG has let me down slightly this week, lacking in good morning grooves, and instead has been heavy handed with conversation. Maybe it’s the groggy feeling I have right now trying to stay awake for the Daily Show, or maybe it’s the sinus infection, but god, I love the artists in today’s lineup. They seem to calm me. Or maybe excite me enough to calm me. Like a kid with ADD when you give him a few sodas. Adverse affect.

Does everyone receive an adrenaline rush when they hear Freddie Mercury sing, or just me? It always stops me dead in my tracks, regardless of the song, the time, the place. I’m floored for a few seconds, then burst out into song, busting a move regardless of where I am when I hear those pipes. I was in LA for Passover with my best friend growing up when MTV announced that Freddie Mercury had succumbed to AIDS. It was surreal. There were benefit concerts after tributes after Kurt Loder MTV News Special Editions. Back when MTV was music television. Do you remember how scared we all were of that word? AIDS? I mean, Jesus, I am not diminishing it by any means, but this many years later my gut muscles tense for a second when I hear the word, but now I soften. But I wonder–have we replaced it with other fears? Autism? Breast Cancer? IBS? Taliban? Government? All these terms that suddenly seem as hopeless as the word AIDS did twenty years ago.

Magic Johnson just bought the Dodgers. Until this announcement a few weeks ago, I forgot about Magic. Sad, right? I remember sitting in my living room, watching the evening news with my parents, all of us gawking at his news. Lifetimes ago. In 1985, his diagnosis would have meant impending death. And here we are, nearly 20 years later, and Magic bought the Dodgers.

I’m disappointed in the Christmas song selected today, but only in theory. Sunday nights were reserved for the Muppet Show growing up. I don’t think I had brothers yet, or if I did, they were barely moving at that point. I could sit crosslegged in front of the TV watching Kermit and the Gang. So when I hear John Denver and the Muppets, I can’t help but laugh. Sadly, this song with Piggy is really the most boring of them all. It’s missing Beaker, which makes all of the songs funnier.

So tonight we jump from the 70s, to the early 80s, to this decade, back to the 80s, revisiting today, and finally returning to the 70s. Perhaps my mind is trying to tell me something. Yesterday and today. NyQuil or The Daily Show, sleep or no sleep, I can’t seem to corral the thoughts in any one direction. Perhaps that’s okay for today.

The Seven Seas of Rhyes–Queen

Pretzl Logic–Steely Dan

Rudie Can’t Fail–The Clash

Violin–Amos Lee

Christmas is Coming–John Denver and the Muppets

Each Day Gets Better–John Legend

Blue–Joni Mitchell