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It’s been one of those hectic days where I can see only good things. The rain stopped. I drove with my roof open. I found a parking spot at work. I crossed 75 memoirs off my list. And I danced.

This week is Airbands week at my school–students perform dance routines and lip syncs to various songs. We always do a staff version, and we’ve been practicing all week. The song is LMFAO’s “Party Rock”–the clean version of course. We all huddled around watching the video. I knew the song but since MTV no longer shows videos, I don’t tune in. There’s a robot character. Guess what? A student made me a replica head equipped with flashlight eyes. I will post pictures.

Anyway, I got to dance every day at lunch this week which rid me of the poison in my body earlier this week, and I am back to my semi-sweet self. No more bitterness, I promise. Today I am on the top of the world.

That’s because today, I am defying gravity–in my own way of course. Two years ago today, I have to admit, I quit smoking. Those who know me well knew this was a major vice, but acquaintances, family members and some friends still have no idea. I was a secret smoker. I hated it. So today makes me happy because each day gets sweeter. I wiped the ridiculousness off my earlier week, splatter-painted my shirt for tomorrow’s performance, and headed home. It gets sweeter…

I bought a new car a little over a year ago which came with a free trial of Sirius radio. It’s addictive, and therefore not free. So cruising down 280 with my roof open and the 70s station on, it was hit after hit after hit. I mean, I wish I could have used it as today’s playlist. Top of my lungs singing, dancing in my car seat. Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, ELO, The Band, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Cymarron. Followed by catching up over dinner with my best friend. Which doesn’t get funnier.

There’s something to a day that comes across like a generic version of all the others, and then a wrench is thrown in which spins it full of color and hilarity. Like the clown that passed me on the freeway this afternoon. Or when my brother and I watched the ending credits of A Mighty Wind ten years ago in the theater, which features a cover of The Stones “Start Me Up”. There, in its full folk glory, revealed through acoustic lyrics that Mick and the gang were pretty dirty birds. I am listening to this cover as I type and I am remembering how the two of us almost peed ourselves in the theater. It’s the big-band day of Lyle Lovett, and Joni’s sad jazz that somehow fills me with pleasure. Yes, each day gets better.

Goodbye to Carolina–Lyle Lovett

You Had Me–Joss Stone

Each Day Gets Better–John Legend

Defying Gravity–Wicked

Start Me Up–The Folksmen

At Last–Joni Mitchell