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Oh, the Sunday Night blues. A great weekend filled with friends, family, cocktails in the sun, baseball. It’s hard to start over tomorrow morning because the week is chock full of things I must do. End-of-the-year pizza party, drop off rental car, pick up finished car at the auto body shop, retirement party, dinner with old friends, final novel test for my students, finish grading, and band practice. Yes, band practice.

The retirement party is a Beatles themed party, and the honoree is the guy who started our “staff band”. We do nothing but play Beatles songs because he is in charge. But it’s fun, and we are performing at the retirement. I think I am going as Lovely Rita Meter Maid. We shall see…

The wind today was out of control. I tried to walk to the Bridge and back, but between the sand in my contacts and the wind blowing me sideways, I only went half way, then turned around. Because “a fair wind was blowin’ warm” so to speak, people were out everywhere. I saw several kites, which I love.

This morning while watching the Food Network in bed, I heard a bird outside my window. This isn’t unusual but it was making so much noise, I thought something happened. I looked and there was what I later found out was a Red Headed House Finch, just sitting on my fire escape. Once he saw me looking, he stopped chirping and stared at me. I went for my camera after staring at him for a while, but then he was gone. I was sad that it flew away.

Birds other than pigeons here are rare and it was bizarre that I also saw a hummingbird on my walk today. I am not necessarily a bird fan; I usually shy away from city birds because they are disgusting, but when any other type of bird comes near, it’s like they are trying to get my attention. It’s hard to put into words. I stared that bird in the eyes and it felt familiar. Someone I guess came by to say hello from somewhere.

I Hear a Symphony–Diana Ross & The Supremes

Barrier Reef (Live)–Old 97’s

Volare (Neil Blu Dipinto Di Blu)–Dean Martin


Cry, Cry, Cry–Johnny Cash

Wooden Ships–Crosby Stills & Nash