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Technology hates me. Or maybe I hate technology. Either way, my day was about four hours longer than it should have been due to technology. Damn thing has caused me to feel crippled without it.

So let’s forget for a moment that I don’t have my car. I get it back tomorrow morning. And let’s forget for a moment that I had spotty cell coverage yesterday. It was Monday. I myself had spotty coverage–that’s Monday for you right? Half-assing a Tuesday or a Wednesday?

I left on time, which was impressive because I was trying to make my stupid cell phone work. It went kaput around 8:45 last night. No way to revive it. I uploaded, downloaded, deleted, re-setted, hard-restored–you name it, I did it. All before 6:30 this morning. Fast forward to Candlestick Park and 7:15. Dead stand still. Don’t get me wrong; I can get from there to Palo Alto in about 35 minutes if I need to. But this was not to be today. It took me nearly 30 minutes to go 7 miles. Apparently, a gravel truck flipped, and took out a bunch of cars, never mind the state of the highway.

Problem #1–If I had a regular normal job, I would just be a few minutes late. Since I was sedentary in my rental car, I attempted a desperate text, phone call, and email to our secretaries to warn them of my tardiness. Nothing worked. Long story short, I was 12 minutes late after the final bell, and there they all were, just standing there waiting for me. Remember when I mentioned being perpetually punctual? Yeah, that didn’t happen today. Long story short part deux, three hours at Apple, and I have a new phone. Ugh.

I am reminded just how far I, or we as a society, have come with technology. When I was my students age, 8th grade, I received my first CD player. It was 1991-1992. I had a Walkman with foam-covered headphones (there’s an underrated term for you), and a corded phone in my bedroom with its own analog answering machine. I changed my outgoing message as much as I possibly could. I walked or rode my bike to Tower Records in Mountain View to wait for a cassette single of “Mystify Me” by INXS. No kidding. They even gave free book covers that summer, which I forced my mom to grab a second round so I too could be cool like the popular kids.

Well, Tower Records in Mountain View went out of business about 5-7 years ago. And two weeks ago, it was demolished. Not even a Barnes & Noble is technologically savvy enough for an old record store. I am curious on where we will go from here. My first piece of technology was a “robot” named Alphie. He was a Fisher-Price learning game, and I gave a modern version to my nephew P for his 3rd birthday last year because he loves robots. Sadly, he too has moved on to something new and shinier.

Perhaps if I weren’t waiting for important calls from the insurance adjuster regarding whether or not my deductible will be covered when I pick up my car, or the auto body shop telling me that my car is in fact ready and I need to be there by 4pm (I received thatmessage at 9:45), or that I was unable to remember anyone’s phone number makes me feel, well, way too reliant on technology.

It’s just like Eric Hutchins says, “I–I was standing. You were there. Two words colliding. And they can never tear us apart”. I guess my iPhone is my 3rd arm. Sigh.

Never Tear Us Apart–INXS

That’s the Way of the World–Earth, Wind & Fire

Honey Bee–Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Kiss on my List–Hall & Oates

You’re Gorgeous–Baby Bird

Another Day–Paul McCartney