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One month. Many events occur during this amount of time. The passing of the moon. Changes in the menu of my favorite salad shop.  Enough time to decide if things are right or wrong. My life.

I went to the Golden Gate Bridge this afternoon, a good 7 mile trek, and the wildflowers, which were non-existant a month ago (embarrassingly enough, the last time I walked there) are now in full-bloom. A month ago, I was buried underneath 137 essays, three stacks of poems for each of my 5 sections, and various makeup work. Today, I am buried underneath exercise, sunshine, curriculum planning, and soirees with friends. I like this change.

One month is the near-amount of summer I lose this year. Thank goodness for the month after summer school. Not only would I go crazy, but if I were in grad school this summer, I wouldn’t be able to graduate because school would have started that same week. Our school year might be one month less, but that means we get out a month early next summer, and gain an extra week of vacation the week after New Year’s. That’s the week to ski, so I will take the shortened summer.

One month is the time it will take for me to remember to pack a sweater in the morning before heading out to summer school. Summer mornings in SF are fairly mild, but the afternoons and evenings are brutal. So when I walk from my car in a tank top, sandals and skirt with fog encapsulating my white legs, I regret forgetting that damned sweater.

One month is how long it will take for me to restock my wine rack. I have two shipments coming in on July 25th. One month: the amount of time it takes me to return to a normal sleep pattern after work time, only to be uprooted by the return of the school year. I could continue. But I will resist the urge.

One month: time to buy new shampoo and razors. Time to water the succulents in my kitchen. Time to pay rent. It’s these little reminders how slowly most months roll from one to the next. But when I stop and look at them individually, the reality of what passes comes to fruition in my mind. Wow. That’s why it took a month. And, Wow. A month passes by like a breeze. 

And sometimes it takes a month to find strong ties to a series of six songs. These songs might be songs I like or even love, but without a connection, it’s hard to write. But maybe next month will be different.

Always In my Head–India.Arie

Crying Drunk–Old 97s

Don’t You Evah–Spoon

The Song Remains the Same–Led Zeppelin

New Coat of Paint–Tom Waits

Too Funky–George Michael