I couldn’t let today pass without mentioning this one. Remembering Gram today. I had a halfie in her honor tonight. She’s only been gone four years, but we all think of her every day, I know it.

In 2000, Mom and Gram and I drove to Vancouver to see her siblings. I was behind the wheel one early foggy autumn morning somewhere between Medford and Eugene. I was in love with Nick Drake at the time, and I remember very well listening to his song “Time Has Told Me”. Framed in the rear view mirror was Gram, insistent on taking the back seat, sleeping so soundly, it brought tears to my eyes.

And time has told me
Not to ask for more
For some day our ocean
Will find its shore.

–Look up the rest of the lyrics. They’re worth it, I promise.

Thanks for humoring me on this one 🙂