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photo (14)I have almost wrangled my life back again. This fall has pulled me in so many directions, I barely know which way is up lately. My papers and grading has dwindled down to a realistic number. My apartment is more organized than not. I haven’t been late for work because I overslept. And I have attended 6 yoga classes in the past 12 days. Not too shabby.

Friday night due to inclement weather, I stayed home to decorate for Christmas. Never mind that it was still November (this is a huge pet peeve of mine) but hell. I’m on a role, why stop now? More pieces picked up, including an entire drawer full of junk (I lost a vital piece to my christmas lights, assumed it was in there, then of course got sidetracked).

The result is glorious. I love my apartment more and more. Carrying the blessed tree up three flights of stairs by myself in driving rain was not the easiest task, but the suffering was worth it. Plus the guy at the lot threw in a quality stand for free.

I’m racing because I have my annual Christmas party on Saturday night. Usually, only 6 people show. As of right now, I am at 13. 3 still haven’t RSVPd. With writing class tomorrow night, an after school commitment Tuesday, an observation Wednesday, and an appointment Thursday, I need to get my butt in gear now. Honestly though, I have no idea where I will put everyone.

I have the menu planned which should be delicious. And I have a Christmas sweater that puts most to shame. Plus, having good girlfriends in on a weekend, no worries about time and work the next morning, is just priceless. I am beyond excited. Although let’s see how I am doing Friday night.

Slow news day around here, but wanted to get a pic up of my tree, especially because Dean Martin popped up. But the playlist tonight is magical for some reason to me. The Beck song and the Michael Franti song are both haunters.

So let’s see how long I can keep up the balancing act this week. Should be interesting!


I’ll Be Waiting–Michael Franti & Spearhead

Without Expression–John Mellencamp

Come to Me (Fantine’s Death)–Les Miserables

Lonesome Tears–Beck

Off the Hook–Barenaked Ladies

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm–Dean Martin