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photo (15)I have 13 people coming to dinner tonight. This concerns me for three reasons.

#1: Seating.

I only have 5 dedicated seats in my living room. This is an easy fix because I have four dining chairs, a chair at my vanity table, a chair at my desk, and a footstool. Two of us will be sitting on the floor. I’ll make sure to vacuum.

#2: Fridge at Overflow Capacity.

There is currently no room for any alcoholic beverages (or non-alcoholic for that matter) to cool. I have two large lasagnes on cookie sheets, 14 ramekins of chocolate pots de cremes, 18 eggs that still need to be boiled, and an entire crisper full of vegetables. I also hid some string cheese, jello, and apple juices in there. Still a little tight. Once I boil the eggs and make the three other dips and appetizers, yes, the ingredients will allow more room, but the actual dishes I create double that size. Blerg.

#3: Skimpy Lasagne.

I decided to make many things easy on myself and purchased two aluminum lasagne pans (I had to make two lasagnes) so that I didn’t have to scrub after the party. Well, instead of making three layers, they were only deep enough to accomodate two. I’m that chick with the skimpy lasagne.

Other challenges have ensued, like what to do with 18 egg whites. 18. And since I have no counter space, I used the top of my refrigerator to hold pots de cremes while cooling. And I have an extra QUART of meat sauce from the lasagne. That’s probably not good. But it means meat sauce for a while! Egg whites and pasta sauce (actually, this was my breakfast this morning) are quite underrated. I better get used to them.

But my apartment looks beautiful (well, once I clean it), and the food tastes great (let’s hope it pans out) and I’ve got my sparkles all ready to go tonight. There will be no shortage of (warm) beverages, and the tree makes Charlie Brown jealous.

It’s my favorite night of the year. T-minus 7 hours and I still don’t have a gift for the white elephant. Egg whites?


I’m Walkin’–Ricky Nelson


If You Can’t Rock Me–The Rolling Stones

The Golden Age–Beck

Border Song–Elton John

I Really Got The Feeling–Dolly Parton