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I’m magic. I had this realization today. And as I hit shuffle on the ‘ol playlist, up popped Pilot’s “Magic”. See? Told you.

Mostly it revolves around music, which is a shocker. For the past three mornings, I have had a song in my head–obscure songs–and when the radio in my car starts, voila! They’re on!

I don’t listen to the radio in the mornings at home, so that theory is out. And I don’t listen to a CD (nice try…). Sometimes I can even predict which song comes on next. I’d like to say these are every day, run of the mill songs, but check out my playlists. No way, Jose. We’re talking Jean Loves Jezebel and The La’s. So it’s true. I’m magic.

I even kicked ass in yoga today, after 3 weeks of absentia. Like seriously kicked ass. I did a standing split (and held it), held my Bow for the entire time, and even managed to feel good about myself in class. All at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. And I barely broke a sweat in an at-capacity room NEXT to a humidifier (didn’t see that until I went into savasana). Magic.

Seriously, what’s up with the magic? Well, I’ve been a little hard on myself. Like practically everyone on the planet, I gained a few over the holidays. So I’ve allowed myself a little extra indulgence but it hit the fan (space heater, actually) last night. I came home with the plan to make myself a turkey meatloaf, have a few glasses of wine, and veg. The rest of the weekend was planned for grading and watching football.

And I did just that. It’s been very cold here lately, so I was snuggled up and allowing the space heater to warm me. I had two sips of wine, and like that–I was out. No dessert, no wine, no late night snacks. Just sleep. Serious sleep. When I suddenly woke up to a hot room and the dvd player looping on the title page, I conceded my plans, forced myself to finish the glass (I know, right?!) and went to bed at 10. It’s funny how on a school night, I’m lucky to get into pajamas until way past 11 but a Friday, it’s a struggle to 9:30.

Today, after such a good rest, I exercised, ate very well, and got a lot of grading done. Plus I predicted two songs today. And I even turned myself into a unicorn on New Years! See, I’m magic. Now if only the 49ers win…

Handbags and Gladrags–Rod Stewart
Hey Ya!–OutKast
Born at the Right Time–Paul Simon
Sneaky Feelings–Elvis Costello
Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)–Gnarls Barkley