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I’m in love with the southwest of Ireland. i have been since 1998. Phew. I finally got that off my chest. I was on the Dingle Peninsula today, and it just smells like home. I wish I could explain it.

When I saw the Atlantic and all the green, I welled up.

The song that popped up tonight and resonates most with me is Mundy. The last time I was on the Beara Peninsula, heaven on Earth, I rented a car. This was 2004. Every time I would travel, I’d go to an HMV or Virgin Music and buy the local top cd, and that was Mundy.

They never made much in the States, but it reminds me of what I was ten years ago–more lost than I realized.

So here’s to Ireland, making a writer of sorts out of me a decade ago. I’m still going strong, and even wrote about the comfort of burning peat in my novel.

I have spent time in the south with friends, my Dad, my Mom and Dad, and now my uncle. But most importantly, I spent it with myself–something I didn’t recognize was important at the time, but now realize its significance.

Southwest Ireland, I will always love you. Until the next time we meet again.

Ps–sorry about the generic photo–real pic in my big camera.
Listen to What the Man Said–Paul McCartney

Sloop John B–the Beach Boys

I Love You But I Don’t Know What to Say– Ryan Adams

Red Hill Mining Town–U2

Rip This Joint–Rolling Stones

All the Love’s Been Made–Mundy