6 Songs a Day: The Project

My approach behind the six songs a day is ever-evolving. I started out listing the songs (which are chosen via the shuffle feature in my iTunes library) and writing about each. That was boring.

Then I chose a theme and ran with it. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I even began throwing events in my day into the mix. I’ve never “altered” the playlist, but I have re-shuffled several times in one day before.

As far as the titles of each post go, they are all lyrics from one of the songs for the day. I look up the lyrics and try to blend them with my own writing.

All I know is I love this blog. I think about songs all day long and how I might be able to weave my life or my day or a conversation into the music. My Words on a String has pushed me to write again. I am okay staying up until the wee hours to make it work. I try and keep it real, honest, and thoughtful.

Think about what your music says about you ♥

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